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Harmattan Health

Sunrise on 1st February

The Harmattan season has brought our family spontaneous nosebleeds, sleepless nights from tickly coughs, fevers and tears, headaches and malaise.

The drop in temperature and humidity, combined with the dust and emissions at this time of year, results in: Increased respiratory infections Aggravation of existing lung conditions such as asthma and COPD Onset of and increased cardiovascular disease Headaches and migraines Increased risk of lung, breast, liver & pancreatic cancer

Some people are more sensitive than others and children are incredibly vulnerable to long-term health consequences of being exposed to air pollution as their bodies develop and grow.

What can you do?

  • Use an app like Plume Labs to be aware of times when the air quality is particularly poor and limit outdoor activities.

  • Stay hydrated - trusted information here on how much water children should drink.

  • Reduce your exposure to other environmental toxins - be conscious of what's in the cleaning products you use at home, personal care products, perfume, air-fresheners & incense.